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[2001-04-19-WWF-Smackdown] Edge & Christian vs Kane & Undertaker (No DQ)


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Kane and the Undertaker are walking backstage looking for the Commissioner’s Office, Taker telling Kane to hang tight as they’re going to get themselves some payback.

They reach his office and Regal wonders how he can help them?  Taker swipes the tea and crumpets off his desk before grabbing him around the throat.  He says that just got set up and somebody owes them an explanation.  He wants Steve Austin & Triple H and once they’ve gone through them they’re going after Edge, Christian and Rhyno.  Regal let’s him know that he’s not inclined to grant their request as he doesn’t have to do anything they say.  Kane sets a few things in his office on fire and that was all the persuasion the Commissioner needed, he grants the BoD a no disqualification tag team title match tonight against Edge & Christian and should they win that, then they can have Austin & HHH.

Vince McMahon, Triple H and ‘Stone Cold’ pay the Commissioner a visit and Mr. McMahon thinks he has a bit of explaining to, coming up with this idea that if Kane & the Undertaker beat Edge & Christian then they get a shot at HHH & Austin.  Regal says how it’s a “no disqualification match” and they can use that to their advantage...

Kevin Kelly grabs a word with Kane and the Undertaker and questions whether they’re ready for the match after everything they’ve gone though tonight.  Taker’s ready, saying how that tonight Edge & Christian will lose the tag team titles for the seventh time and once they’ve finished with them they will show ‘Stone Cold’ and Triple H what it’s like to be a bad ass!

The champions have got the new Hardcore champion, Rhyno, in their corner, so it’s safe to say he’ll be involved a fair bit in this.  Kane’s left elbow is all taped up after what happened earlier.  Team ECR attack Kane while Bikertaker is still circulating the ring on his Harley.  Taker parks up to help his ‘brother’ and even three-on-two this looks like it will be every bit the mauling that previous matches between these teams have been.  Yup,  one armed Kane is too much for them.  As he goes to chokeslam Edge he’s gored by Rhyno, Taker oblivious as he’s putting a beating on Christian on the outside.  Edge works over the left arm and Taker is in to break up the pin attempt following a flying armbar.  Christian carries on where Edge left off until Kane escapes the short arm scissors with the one-armed Gotch lift.  Tag to Taker but Earl Hebner never saw it as he was distracted by Edge and orders him out of there.  This is no DQ, why is he listening to him?  In fact why is he even waiting to be tagged?  Moments later he makes a tag that is seen, not that it should matter.  The tag team champions are in trouble as Taker is cleaning house in there.  He picks up Christian for a chokeslam when he’s nailed by a Rhyno chair shot.  Rhyno clears Kane from the ring but then walks into a big boot, taking a great bump onto the steel rampway.  Chokeslam onto the ramp.  Kane is jumped from behind by Triple H and Steve Austin leaving Taker all alone with E&C who have the advantage.  Taker ducks the Conchairto, he then nails Edge before giving Christian the Last Ride to crown new tag team champions.  He too then gets attacked by ‘the Game’ and ‘the Rattlesnake’ until Kane eventually runs them out of there.

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