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[2001-04-21-XPW-Scene of the Crime] Super Dragon vs Rising Son


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Rising Son blows the green mist leading Larry Rivera to make comparisons to Kendo Nagasaki, Great Kabuki and the Great Muta.  Excalibur is out seconding Super Dragon.  Rivera has to tell his co-commentator to shut up when he starts talking about Excalibur being a masked Kevin Kleinrock and that they should concentrate on the match.  Good on you Larry!  Wow, Rivera calls the Magistral cradle a Dandina, which I’ve not heard anyone call it in a long time.  Nice surfboard dropped into a Dragon sleeper.  Revolution Pro gets a mention.  Son flips over on the belly to back and dropkicks Dragon in the back as he ends up draped over the middle rope.  Excalibur knew the 619 was coming but is unable to stop it.  A great flying headscissors.  Dragon steps out the way of the backflip and stiffs Son with a clothesline.  The official physically removes Excalibur when he enters the ring, although after Dragon has a word with him then decides to let it go, the two of them double teaming Son.  Apparently this ref used to be a wrestler by the name of Felony but that was very strange unless there is some ongoing story involving him we’re not aware of.  Double hiptoss into a double powerbomb.  Excalibur throws Son to the outside and holds him in position for a springboard Dragon Twister press.  Son get whipped to the corner but he steps out the way of the Dragon shoulder tackle, Dragon going flying through the ropes and crashing on the concrete.  A nuts bump.  Corkscrew senton to the floor by Son.  Dragon catches him on the springboard rana and after a bit of manoeuvring hits a Dragon suplex.  This ref is counting super slow on that to the point the fans are booing it.  Son rolls out the way of a Phoenix splash and lands the springboard rana at the second time of asking for a near fall.  He misses the Swanton, Dragon signals “it’s over” and after the Psycho Driver, it is.  Rivera can’t believe that move is legal thinking he’s almost committed murder!

A showcase, spot fest for the Revolution Pro guys.  The match was the opener on the show and was perfect for it’s position, the crowd lapping up what they were seeing.  I’ve got to admit it was nice to watch these guys not going thirty minutes for a change.

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