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[2001-04-23-WWF-Raw] Rhyno vs Spike Dudley (Hardcore)


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Spike has D-Von and Bubba with him, the two taking a seat next to JR and Paul Heyman at the commentary desk.  After Rhyno makes his entrance X-Factor, who the Dudleys are facing at Backlash, show up at the top of the entrance way.  Spike dropkicks Rhyno through the ropes to the outside and then nails him with a plancha from the top turnbuckle.  He collects some weapons from under the ring but as climbs back inside Rhyno kicks a trash can lid into his face.  Rhyno goes for the gore however Spike grabs that lid and swings it into his head.  X-Factor start to slowly walk down the rampway leading to the Dudleys leaving their position at the desk to cut them off.  Spike hits the Acid Drop but Albert pulls him out to the floor at the count of two to break up the pin.  Albert gets waffled, though on returning to the ring Spike walks into a gore as Rhyno retains.  Justin Credible ends up receiving a post-match 3-D, the Dudleys saving Little Spike as it looked like the X-Factor were just about to start triple teaming him.

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