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[2001-04-23-WWF-Raw] Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho vs Kurt Angle & William Regal (Submission)


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Jim Ross reminds everyone that these two teams will face off in individual matches at Backlash, although he’s still none the wiser as to what this ‘Duchess of Queensbury Rules’ match between William Regal and Chris Jericho entails.  Paul Heyman says it is the most dangerous match in the history of European wrestling, however when pressed further can’t offer anything more!  Y2J hasn’t been informed of the rules yet either, but doubts there is no-one who knows more about duchesses and queens than William Regal!  The opening moments see the spare man breaking up the opposition’s submission attempts.  Regal with a nice roll out of the Jericho armbar as he looks to transition to the Regal Stretch.  He can’t quite get it locked in and Y2J scores with an enzuigiri.  Tag to Benoit who’s straight at it with those rolling Germans.   Angle meets a similar fate before a Jericho Cactus clothesline takes both out of there.  Benoit with a Dragon suplex on Regal, he then applies the crossface and the Commissioner taps. 

Surprisingly quick match seemingly designed to get over the effectiveness of the crossface prior to the Ultimate Submission match at the PPV.

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