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[2001-04-23-WWF-Raw] Eddy Guerrero & Dean Malenko & Perry Saturn vs Grandmaster Sexay & Steve Blackman & Raven


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Just as I’m writing ‘so much for Raven getting a European title match after his pin over Eddy on last week’s Raw,’ JR says how he will be facing him at Backlash for the belt.  That’s a pretty big deal for Raven, although something must happen in the intervening days as he ends up facing Rhyno for the Hardcore title instead.  We get a recap from last night’s Heat where Eddy’s interference cost him the match against Saturn.  It’s all the face trio until Eddy’s distraction of the referee allows Saturn to clothesline the Grandmaster across the top rope.  Combination drop toe hold/baseball slide.  Saturn with a gut wrench, putting GMS over his shoulder and running him into the corner.  The Grandmaster ends up sat on the top turnbuckle but fights off the superplex attempt, sending Saturn crashing backwards to the canvas.  High crossbody.  Hot tag to Raven, Saturn having made a tag to Eddy at the same time, although when he sees Raven heading his way he quickly backs out and ushers Malenko to take his place.  Raven does end up getting his hands on him although goes down to a half nelson cradle.  A bit strange him dropping the fall here seeing, at the moment at least, he is scheduled for a title match in a shade under a week.

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