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[2001-04-23-WWF-Raw] Steve Austin & Triple H & Edge & Christian vs Kane & Undertaker & Matt & Jeff Hardy


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We get a recap of what happened on Smackdown before seeing a clip of Vince McMahon in the dressing room with Steve Austin and Triple H, which I’m guessing has to have aired on Heat.  He informs them that as per the pre-match stipulations, with Kane & the Undertaker defeating Edge & Christian and becoming the new World tag team champions, it means they will now face the two of them (Austin & HHH) at Backlash.  ‘Stone Cold’s’ not too bothered by that, saying how they want to be tag team champs anyway, however Mr McMahon says that he had to do some negotiations with Linda, not only will the World tag team titles be on the line, but now so will Triple H’s Intercontinental title and Austin’s World title.

The Undertaker & Kane are out to address the fans.  Taker says how he’s never been known for his sense of humour, it’s been a “Decade of Destruction” and not a “Decade of Laughs”, however gets the TV producer to play some footage which he did find funny - it’s where Triple H called himself and ‘Stone Cold’ “the most dominant men in the World Wrestling Federation.”  He and Kane would’ve been satisfied with a match just to see who the most dominant team is, but the stakes have now risen to where every title in the WWF is on the line.  That match is set for Backlash, although they want another one tonight to determine who the most dominant team is.  Despite being called out there is no sign of Austin & Triple H, instead, out walks Edge & Christian.  They seem to think that there seven tag team titles make them the more dominant team and technically seven times better than Kane & the Undertaker.  Christian says how the new champions don’t have the guts to put the titles on the line against then, but if it’s a fight they want, they’ll fight them right now.  It’s a set up!  With Kane & Taker all over the former champs they’re jumped from behind by their opponents at Backlash.  Austin wears a chair out over Taker while Triple H targets Kane’s already injured arm, the Brothers of Destruction left battered and beaten.

Triple H & ‘Stone Cold’ head to the ring, to ‘No Chance in Hell’, having just been given the word that Kane & the Undertaker are in the trainer’s room and are done for the night.  HHH gives a recap of the evening’s events and again calls himself and Austin the two most dominant men in the World Wrestling Federation.  ‘Stone Cold’ calls Taker & Kane out, that if they want some more they don’t have to wait until Backlash, knowing full well that they won’t be coming out.  When they don’t show he talks about them not having the guts, two men who do though are Matt & Jeff Hardy.  Matt says how they’re real brave calling out two guys they jumped from behind, Jeff continuing that they don’t know the meaning of the word “quit”, will keep coming back again and again and again and if they’re looking for a fight they don’t have to look far.  Austin and Triple H remove their shirts ready as the Hardyz start to walk to the ring, only they haven’t come alone, hobbling behind are Kane and the Undertaker.  ‘The Game’ and ‘the Rattlesnake’ think better of it, jumping to the floor and out into the crowd.

We cut to Mick Foley who has been indulging in some free food at WWE New York.  Foley pulls out a contract that he signed with Linda McMahon when he was still Commissioner, that contract gives him the right to make a main event for Raw any time he likes.  He chooses tonight to make that main event, an eight man tag pitting Kane, the Undertaker and the Hardy Boyz against Steve Austin, Triple H, Edge & Christian.

Austin & Triple H are giving their partners some last minute advice in the back.  Triple H telling them that the Undertaker & Kane don’t take their titles without getting their asses kicked and to show the Hardy Boyz that they’re not in their league.  Austin says it’s time to turn the voltage up.

A right old brawl at the start of this eight man tag, Austin even taking an early spill over the announcer’s table.  Jeff hits a Poetry on Motion to Edge and then one in the opposite corner on Christian.  Christian is able to get the upper hand after a shot to the gut, but at the same time as he tags ‘Stone Cold’, Jeff tags in the Undertaker.  The crowd are on fire for Taker here as he’s all over his Backlash opponents, Hunter even taking a high backdrop from him.  Kane with a flying clothesline followed by shots for Edge & Christian on the apron.  He snatches Austin around the throat for the chokeslam but HHH waffles him from behind.  Single arm DDT by ‘the Rattlesnake’, Kane now trapped in the opposition’s corner as everyone gets digs in on that injured arm which they continue to work over for the next few minutes.  As it looks like Kane is mounting a comeback, Austin is in illegally to put a stop to things.  Kane connects on a big boot to Edge but this time it’s ‘Stone Cold’ and ‘the Game’ cutting off any prospective tag.  With Earl Hebner distracted and oblivious to the four on one attack that’s going on behind his back, the Hardyz and Taker have had enough.  Taker with a chokeslam on Triple H as JR screams “break his damn back, break him in half!”  Before he can make the cover though he’s double teamed by E&C.  Matt does make the cover, however Austin pulls him off and gives him a stunner, the heels getting the victory by the skin of their teeth.

You can say all you want about the Austin heel turn, the aligning himself with Vince McMahon and Triple H, but there is no denying he is fantastic in the role.  I do like how they’ve tried to alleviate the likes of the Hardyz, Edge & Christian recently by aligning them with the main players and involving them in main event programs.  The crowds have been electric recently too.

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