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[2001-04-26-WWF-Smackdown] Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho vs William Regal & Kurt Angle


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The Commissioner is in his wrestling gear as opposed to his suit.  Tazz and Michael Cole are still clueless when it comes to these ‘Duchess of Queensbury rules’ that are in place for Backlash.  We’re getting a rematch from Raw to open up Smackdown which is a bit strange considering how comfortable a victory that was for Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho on Monday.  Regal says that this bout will be fought under the very prestigious ‘Duchess of Queensbury Tag Team rules’, Cole thinking that may finally give them an insight as to what they are.  The match at first follows a similar vain to their Raw one with submissions being broken up, the Regal and Benoit stuff leading up to the crossface being lovely.  Angle makes a blind tag but he ends up being hiptossed onto his own partner.  He goes to launch Y2J over the top to the outside, however Jericho manages to land on the apron, scoots up to the top turnbuckle and then nails him with an elbow to the forehead.  As he looks for the Walls he sees Regal incoming so let’s go of the hold to get a shot in on him.  The Commissioner is at it again, causing a commotion when Benoit grabs a go behind, the set up for the rolling Germans, and is in to help his partner out.  The two of them work over ‘the Crippler’ isolating him from Y2J.  Accidental clash of heads and both men make a tag.  Jericho with a bulldog as he builds some momentum.  Middle rope missile dropkick.  Regal goes to break up the cover but Y2J moves out the way and he ends up dropping an elbow onto his own partner.  Angle hot shots Jericho across the top rope as they now set about getting the heat on him.  Belly to back for a near fall.  Tazz is still on about this Duchess “broad”, wanting to know who she is.  Jericho ducks a right hand and KO’s Angle with a flying forearm.  The Commissioner grabs hold of an ankle to prevent him from making the tag but then gets nailed with an enzuigiri.  Hot tag to Benoit who is all over Angle.  He connects on the diving headbutt and Regal is in to break up the cover.  That begins a pattern, as covers after the Hangman’s Noose neckbreaker, Lionsault and Olympic slam are all broken up by the spare man.  ‘The Crippler’ tosses Angle to the floor however the whip is reversed and he goes crashing into the metal ring steps himself.  Regal and Angle then apply a combination Regal Stretch/ankle lock back inside on Jericho that forces the tap.  Tony Chimel is about to announce the disqualification of Regal and Angle but the Commissioner stops him, pointing out the fine print of ‘the Duchess of Queensbury Rules’ which mean a team can both apply their submissions at the same time, and therefore they are the winners.

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