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[2001-04-26-WWF-Smackdown] Eddy Guerrero vs Matt Hardy


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Jeff Hardy, Lita, Perry Saturn and Terri all at ringside in the respective corners for this match.  Eddy is still scheduled to defend the European title against Raven at this point, even though Backlash is only three days away now.  Michael Cole plugs a Smackdown taping this Tuesday in Indianapolis, Tazz saying how he loves that place and has a big history there.  Clueless Cole clearly has no idea what he’s referring to, Indianapolis being where Tazz beat Mike Awesome last year for the ECW World title when he was a WWF contracted wrestler and Awesome a WCW contracted one.  Eddy with a drop toe hold that sends Matt crashing into the bottom turnbuckle.  Suplex followed by a slingshot senton.  Jeff and Lita are complaining to the official as Eddy steps on Matt’s throat.  Keylock submission.  Matt escapes but runs straight into a sleeper.  That gets reversed a couple of times, ending when Matt counters Eddy’s most recent effort with a belly to back.  Middle rope legdrop, the champion just about kicking out of the cover.  Eddy gives Matt a helping hand through the ropes to the outside but ends up having his head slammed into the ring steps after Matt had blocked him from doing the same to him.  He throws him back inside and heads up top, however Terri is on the apron distracting the official allowing Saturn to pull a leg out from under him.  Saturn’s hat is ridiculous by the way!  Jeff runs across the barricade and nails Saturn with a flying clothesline.  Matt is still sat on the turnbuckles and Eddy lands a top rope Frankensteiner for a near fall.  With Saturn and Jeff going at it on the floor, Terri gets a cheap kick on Jeff which leads to Lita taking off after her.  Terri darts into the safety of the ring, but as the ref tries to get her out of there Lita off the top with a leaping rana to Eddy.  A Twist of Fate, which Eddy takes superbly, and we have ourselves a new European champion.

Two good matches in a row on this episode of Smackdown.  Hopefully Eddy now realises that the Radicalz are more of a hindrance than a help to him! 

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