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[2001-04-26-WWF-Smackdown] Rhyno vs Test (Hardcore)


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Some developments after Matt Hardy’s European title win.  Edge & Christian went to see Commissioner Regal and managed to negotiate a European title match for Christian against Matt at Backlash.  The Commissioner also added Eddy Guerrero, making it a three-way, knowing that it wouldn’t be long before he was knocking down his door wanting a rematch.  With Raven originally scheduled, he ended up being moved across to face Rhyno, because as E&C says “he likes all that Hardcore stuff.”

Test backdrops Rhyno over to the outside but ends up getting clotheslined across the top ropes as he reaches down to grab him.  Rhyno collects a garbage can from under the ring which he wedges between the top two turnbuckles.  He ends up taking two bumps into it mind, first after Test had reversed the Irish whip and second after Test sidestepped out the way of the gore.  Thinking a breather is in order he ducks to the outside.  Test follows him out however is unaware that Rhyno has got hold of a fire extinguisher which he uses to momentarily blind him.  He whips Test into the ring steps and then swings a trash can lid into his head which sends him flying over the barricade and into the front row.  The two fight their way through the crowd to the back of the arena.  Test blocks a right hand and fires back with some of his own, Rhyno ending up in a shopping cart, which he runs into the wall before using to mow his opponent down.  They continue backstage, an awesome Test big boot kicking another trash can lid into Rhyno’s face.  As it looks like we’re about to have ourselves a new Hardcore champion Test is jumped by the Big Show.  He picks Test up and throws him into the metal gate, at the same time intimidating a bunch of refs who have showed up.  Rhyno crawls over to make the cover to retain a title he looked destined to lose.  Show isn’t finished, chokeslamming Test on a bunch of wooden pallets to leave him lying.

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