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[2001-04-29-WWF-Sunday Night Heat] Crash Holly vs Jerry Lynn


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The TV debut of Jerry Lynn.  Jim Ross talks about some rumblings he heard earlier in the day of Lynn challenging Crash Holly for the Light Heavyweight title although doesn’t know if the challenge has been accepted.  Paul Heyman notes that he is very familiar with Jerry Lynn (you don’t say Paul?) and says how he’s a former ECW champion and, in his opinion, one of the finest athletes ever from Minnesota.  There’s a light “E-C-Dub” chant as Lynn grabs the ring mic.  He says that judging by the response here in Chicago everyone knows what Jerry Lynn is all about before informing them that earlier today he challenged Crash Holly and thinks it’s about time that a born champion like him bought some respect to the Light Heavyweight title.  Crash isn’t bothering to waste any time although gets caught with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.  Heyman brings up Lynn’s feud in ECW with Rob Van Dam as we get a much louder “E-C-Dub” chant.  The champion ducks a clothesline and floors the challenger with two of his own followed by a dropkick.  Powerslam.  Crash forearms Lynn in the lower back and then stomps away on him.  Nice Bow & Arrow submission.  Lynn breaks free but Crash goes right back to work on that lower back.  They run through a series of pinfall reversal and counters, Lynn ending up hooking the tights on a roll up to become the new Light Heavyweight champion.  While not surprised with the outcome, JR was surprised with the way in which he won. 

Not the most auspicious of debuts for Lynn, even if he did get the win and the title.  The match was nothing special and there was nothing in his arsenal to where, if you haven’t seen him before, you would know that he is actually a very good wrestler.  Whilst not really a flyer, he didn’t do any dives and you’ve been kind of conditioned to expect that out of the Cruiserweights/Light Heavies.  Obviously this is with hindsight knowing how his run went, but I would’ve been very concerned for him on the back of this match.  He can get by for a bit on the ex-ECW rub, although he just comes across bland and as someone who’ll struggle to make a connection with the fans in this environment.

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