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[2001-04-30-WWF-Raw] Matt Hardy vs Edge


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Matt, fresh off his victory in the three-way at Backlash, tonight defends the European title against Edge, who was interfering freely last night in his efforts to help Christian.  Big running lariat in the corner by Matt.  He goes for a second but ends up running into a raised boot.  Edge heads upstairs, where he is met by Matt, however he blocks the attempted suicideplex and front suplexes the champion across the top rope.  Hardy falls to the floor, Edge then joins him out at ringside slamming his head into the barrier.  Back inside Matt fires off some elbows after being sat on the top turnbuckle but fails to connect on the moonsault.  High crossbody by Edge,  Matt uses his momentum though to roll through for a near fall.  DDT followed by an inverted atomic drop.  Middle rope legdrop.  Christian is up on the apron, distracting the referee, which brings Jeff around to take care of him.  Matt turns around into a spear and as it looks like Edge has got this won, Jeff throws Christian into the ring at the referee to interrupt the count.  I liked that.  Edge wonders what Christian’s playing at, costing him the title, but as he tries to explain what just happened Matt shoves Edge in the back sending him clattering into his partner.  Twist of Fate for the three, Christian unable to get there in time for the save.

That was a really smart spot at the end of the match to break up the ref’s count.

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