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[2001-04-30-WWF-Raw] X-Pac vs Spike Dudley


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As unappealing as the X-Factor group is, I do find their music rather catchy.  X-Factor walked away with the win over the Dudleys at Backlash although the feud looks to be continuing, Pac after a bit of revenge as he ended up getting 3D’d through a table last night, something he holds Spike responsible for.  I doubt there has been too many times X-Pac has locked up with someone and overpowered them.  Nice armdrag by Spike.  Spinning headscissors.  X-Pac puts a stop to the punches in the corner by lifting Spike up and then wiping him out with a spin kick.  And I mean wiped him out!  Spike escapes the rear chinlock but then runs into a sleeper.  That gets reversed and Pac ends up dumping him with a belly to back, which is the exact same sequence/spot that Eddy Guerrero and Matt Hardy did on this past week’s Smackdown.  Spike ducks a clothesline and connects on a flying headbutt to the chest, almost like a battering ram type maneuver.  Huracanrana for a two.  Pac goes to the eyes and a running shoulder charge sees Spike collapse in prime position for the Bronco Buster.  He avoids that and comes off the top with a double foot stomp.  Albert climbs up on the apron leading to Bubba going after him.  Action continues inside at the same time, X-Pac blocking the Acid Drop and then hitting the X-Factor for the win.

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