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[2001-04-30-WWF-Raw] Rhyno vs Chris Jericho (Hardcore)


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Jonathan Coachman arrives at the Commissioner’s office as apparently he wanted to see him about something.  With complete and utter contempt, the Commissioner questions why on earth would he want to see ‘him’?  No, he summoned him here as he wanted to make an announcement.  Even though he beat Chris Jericho in the ‘Duchess of Queensbury Rules’ match last night, Y2J’s actions against the Duchess were disgraceful.  As a consequence of him taking her out of her element, he is going to take Jericho out of his, and is putting him in a Hardcore match against Rhyno.  He then proceeds to tell the “blithering idiot” to “bugger off” and do his job!

Commissioner Regal joins Jim Ross and Paul Heyman prior to this, Heyman sucking up like its nobodies business, even calling him “Sir”.  The Commissioner doesn’t know how Chris Jericho dare show his face after besmirching the Duchess, “bloody appalling” is what it was!  When JR insinuates that it wasn’t a real “Duchess”, it doesn’t go down too well.  After Rhyno gets backdropped over the top rope to the outside, Ross thanks Regal for the appropriate action he took against ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin when he kicked his ass in front of his family in Oklahoma.  Vince always out to humiliate JR in his home town for his own perverse pleasure.  Regal, completely dead pan, says that he’s welcome and that it’s nice to be appreciated for once!  Rhyno collects a bunch of weapons from the ring which he tosses inside, however as he climbs up onto the apron clutching a ‘Stop’ sign, Jericho nails him with a springboard dropkick sending it crashing into his own face.  They make their way around ringside and to in front of the announcer’s desk where Y2J whips Rhyno into the ring steps.  He picks up a chair, but then on seeing the Commissioner sat there it looks like he is about to change his mind and blast him with it instead.  That momentary lapse allows Rhyno to rush him before he can in fact do anything.  There are these three lads in the front row, shirts off wearing massive afros!  Jericho gets whipped into the barricade, however he avoids the Rhyno charge who goes flying into it.  Rhyno doesn’t half throw himself about and doesn’t hold anything back.  A trash can is wedged between the top two turnbuckles, Rhyno running Y2J’s head into it and denting the can.  He gets blasted with a chair when he heads upstairs and Jericho hits a top rope Frankensteiner, Rhyno landing on some chairs that Y2J had positioned only moments earlier.  Edge & Christian are out, Christian letting off a fire extinguisher and in the confusion Rhyno gores Jericho for the win.  Regal is beaming and very, very impressed with Rhyno.  The Commissioner looks to dish out a bit of retribution of his own, but up on entering the ring and picking up the trash can, Jericho gets the first shot in.  From there he flattens the can out on Regal, a bunch of refs try to contain him although struggle to do so.

Regal is so awesome on commentary.  A fun watch.

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