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[2001-04-30-WWF-Raw] Steve Austin vs The Undertaker


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‘Stone Cold’ was originally scheduled to defend the World title against Kane, however as Mr McMahon is addressing the fans over last night’s events, cursing “each and every damn one of them” when they all cheered as he recapped Kane kicking Stephanie in the face, he’s interrupted by Linda McMahon who’s at WWF New York.  They try to shoe horn and promote that place at every opportunity.  The CEO thinks it isn’t fair that Kane has to wrestle when he’s in no physical condition to (his arm is still badly bruised and hurt).  She says how she may be prepared to temporarily halt divorce proceedings - their lawyers are due to meet the end of the week - if certain events were to occur and strongly recommends that Kane has the night off.  With Austin itching for a fight and intent on defending his title she then suggests he should defend against the Undertaker, the Chairman in no real position to overrule her.  That doesn’t sit well with ‘Stone Cold’ who later has words with McMahon, letting him know that his divorce is affecting business and to get it sorted.

Match time and the challenger is out first.  ‘The Rattlesnake’s’ music plays but there is no sign of him, just as Jim Ross is wondering where he is we cut backstage to see he and Triple H launching a two man assault on Kane.  Taker rushes off to help his younger ‘brother’ who is getting destroyed.  He arrives and immediately throws HHH into the metal gate before setting his sights on the World champion.  The two fight back towards the ring with Taker manhandling ‘Stone Cold’, the match apparently not yet official because they haven’t made it inside yet.  Eventually they do, although it has barely got going when Triple H shows up with his sledgehammer.  DQ in sixty seconds if that.  Despite getting in the first shot, a low blow stops Taker in his tracks and then it’s all the ‘Two Man Power Trip’.  HHH uses the sledgehammer while Austin is relentless with a metal chair.  The shot to Taker’s head is particularly nasty, although the repeated blows he delivers to his back are hardly love taps.  Kane staggers out to try and stop things but should’ve probably feigned being KO’d backstage.  They immediately go after his arm, Triple H holding it in place on the ring steps so that ‘Stone Cold’ can bring the chair down on it time and time again.  JR thinks he can hear bones snapping while this is all going on.  There’s a real heinous feel to things, like Austin has totally lost the plot.  I’ll say it again, he’s such a tremendous heel.  Absolute carnage at the end with the ‘Brothers of Destruction’ laid out and Heyman saying how they’ve been destroyed.  A great way to end the show. 

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