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[2001-05-03-WWF-Smackdown] Triple H vs Jeff Hardy


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They’re still calling Jeff’s victory over Triple H a couple of week’s back when he won the Intercontinental title as the biggest upset in the history of Smackdown.  After HHH is introduced out comes Steve Austin who joins Michael Cole and Tazz at the announcer’s desk.  Stephanie, Jeff and Lita are all at ringside.  ‘Stone Cold’ says how he is still getting people coming up to him at airports asking “Why ‘Stone Cold’ why?” admitting that he sold his soul to be the World Wrestling Federation champion but is happier now than he’s ever been in his life.  He can’t wait until Judgment Day and the Undertaker needs to worry about his own business rather than his.  Jeff with a running crossbody although that only gets him a one count.  As Triple H starts to work over Hardy’s leg, through the crowd comes the Undertaker who attacks Austin with his chain.  He manages to get a couple of shots in before ‘Stone Cold’ runs out of there and back to the dressing room.  The commotion distracts HHH, who now has his back to his opponent, and Jeff dropkicks him, sending him through the ropes to the outside.  Triple H steps out the way of the pescado as Jeff crashes and burns on the ringside mats.  He drags him back inside, hits the Pedigree for the win and then sets off to the back to go and help his partner.

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