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[2001-05-03-WWF-Smackdown] Jerry Lynn vs Grandmaster Sexay

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The new Light Heavyweight champion gets the opportunity to defend it on one of the ‘A’ shows for the first time, although typical for the way they treat that belt his opponent, Grandmaster Sexay, doesn’t get an introduction and is already in the ring.  Tazz talks about knowing Lynn well from their time in ECW together but is kinda shocked the way he hooked Crash by the trunks to win the title.  Lynn gets not much in the way of a reaction from the crowd and continues to show these slight heelish tendencies that Tazz alluded to, attacking the challenger both from behind and before the bell.  Michael Cole wonders if maybe it’s frustration on his part for it taking him so long to make it to the WWF.  The Grandmaster stuns the champion with an enzuigiri and then throws him to the outside.  Bulldog onto the metal rampway.  As they return to the ring Lynn steps out the way of the shoulder barge and drops a leg to the back of GMS’ neck.  Belly to back suplex.  A lovely looking sunset flip out of the corner.  After a sideslam he steals the Grandmaster’s goggles, puts them on, however misses a Hip Hop Drop of his own.  GMS battles back and picks up a near fall following a scoop powerslam.  Thrust kick, this time Lynn gets his foot over the bottom rope to break the count.  He runs into a big boot but then blocks the Tornado DDT, countering with a Northern Lights suplex.  There wasn’t much of a bridge on that mind.  Lynn grabs a quick double leg takedown, flips over and puts his own feet over the ropes as he gets the pin.

It hasn’t even been a week but it’s pretty safe to say that Jerry Lynn isn’t going to the saviour of the WWF’s Light Heavyweight division.  I don’t think this added ‘win at all costs’ edge that they’ve given him is working either.

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