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[2001-05-05-WWF-Metal] Jerry Lynn vs Kevin Kruger


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While he did face off against Grandmaster Sexay on Smackdown, the night after winning the Light Heavyweight title, Jerry Lynn was nowhere to be seen on Raw, instead being relegated to the Metal portion of the taping.  We get some backstage words from the new champion who says that when he got the opportunity to be in the World Wrestling Federation he made a promise to himself to make an impact.  Last week on Heat he did just that by capturing the Light Heavyweight title and now he’s going to take the belt to new levels

Kevin Kruger was an early 90s WWF job guy so it’s a bit of a surprise to still see him wrestling in the same role a decade later.  This is a title match by the way.  A title match against a jobber!  They begin with a bit of chain wrestling, Lynn looking suitably impressed by Kruger’s armdrag and offering him his hand as a way of appreciation.  Lynn backs him into the turnbuckles on the lock up and as the ref is in to separate them, the champion gets the first shot in.  Not cheap, but he didn’t give Kruger any time to think about things.  Running lariat in the corner.  He picks up a near fall off a backbreaker and again after a reverse DDT.  As he argues the count with the official, Kruger schoolboys him for a two count of his own.  Middle rope legdrop by Lynn.  Single leg crab and Kruger crawls to the ropes for the break.  He reverses the Irish whip but telegraphs the attempted backdrop, Lynn hitting a tornado DDT for the win.

I think those new levels may not be the levels you had in mind Jerry!

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