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[2001-IWA-PR-Impacto Total TV] Ricky Banderas vs Tiger Ali Singh


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Taken from Impacto Total television and the action already underway.  Dutch Mantel is managing Singh and he’s doing a full on Arab gimmick complete with traditional clothing and turban.  It’s so strange to see and a 180 from the Western ‘Dirty’ Dutch we’re used to.   Banderas blocks a powerbomb on the wooden floor and then picks up a chair Singh had originally used against him, bringing it down across his back.  The crowd were hot for that.  Back in the ring Singh is on his knees pleading for mercy.  Banderas misses a high frog splash off the top.  Dutch passes his man a second chair but before he gets a chance to use it Banderas dropkicks it into his face and small packages him for the win.  Mantel attacks Ricky after the match, his shots have no effect whatsoever though, and he ends up trapped in a Scorpion Deathlock.  Zarruxx the Mummy and someone I don’t recognise comes to Dutch’s rescue leading to a shirt and tie wearing Victor the Bodyguard out to help Banderas.  Victor ends up busted open, the four on two odds too many, his white shirt getting covered in blood.   Chicky Starr manages to placate things seemingly having a foot in both camps.  I don’t speak Spanish so have no idea what he and Victor are saying to each other, however even not understanding the language Chicky is engrossing with his delivery, especially when he wipes Victor’s blood down his own face for some reason.

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