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[2001-NWA Wildside] Bob Sapp vs Onyx


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This was uploaded to YouTube, I’m assuming by an official Wildside account, although it has no date bar a Friday night show in 2001.  Wrestlingdata only has a handful of results for Sapp in Wildside, the majority of which are in January, so the best bet is that this is from the same month.  It will certainly be from the first few months of the year anyway, when Wildside was used as a developmental territory for WCW, where the Power Plant trainees and guys like 3 Count, Jindrak, O’Haire etc. would work house shows to get more experience.  Onyx isn’t the tallest as it is but he looks like a midget next to Sapp.  He tries to charge him but gets levelled by a bad looking clothesline.  “Beast, Beast, Beast” chant for Sapp.  After bouncing off him Onyx calls for a time out and starts dancing, Sapp doing the running man in response.  Blimey, dance contests in 2001!  A dropkick to the knee takes Sapp off his feet, Onyx then stomping and repeatedly kicking away at him.   He does make a cover but gets pressed off with authority.  Sapp gets back up and the end is nigh, a clubbing overhand dropping Onyx followed by a pair of elbows and finally a falling headbutt.

I’m sure it was inevitable that Sapp would have eventually made it to WCW TV, although on the evidence of this who knows when that would be.  He’s got bucket loads of charisma but he’d be the worst guy on the roster by someway based on what we saw here.

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