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[2001-04-30-ARSION] Ayako Hamada vs Hiromi Yagi


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First round in the ARS tournament match, the action joined in progress.  Hamada’s left shoulder is heavily taped, so the story here is Yagi going after that.  As we join them Yagi has got an armbar locked in, Hamada picking her opponent up and slamming her way out of the submission.  Hamada goes upstairs, however Yagi is up and punches that shoulder to stop her in her tracks before arm dragging her to the mat.  Now she’s going after Hamada’s other arm, crowbarring that one.  Hamada shakes off the shotgun missile dropkick and a quick hammerfist puts a stop to the attempted flying armbar.  The targeting of those arms appears to be paying dividends, although eventually Hamada does manage to hit a spinning powerbomb for a near fall.  Another armbar attempt by Yagi.  Hamada with a leg scissors take down into this awesomely crazy Lucha submission where she has Yagi all tied up and stretched out.  After Yagi gets to the ropes, Hamada sits her up top and drives her face first into the canvas for the three and to advance to the next round.

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