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[2001-06-09-IWA-PR-Total Impacto TV] Pete Gas vs Bryan Madness


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The match comes from IWA-PR’s TV which appears to have the name Impacto Total and I was lucky to be able to date through prwrestling.com on the Wayback machine.  Pete Gas has moved on from Memphis to Puerto Rico, something I doubt he’s was overly joyed by.  Madness’ second trips Gas from the outside and as he reaches through the ropes to grab him Madness nails him from behind.  He throws him through the ropes to the floor where the second starts putting the boots in.  That brings out Chaz Warrington and some other chap who run him off.  Back in the ring Gas quickly starts firing back, lands a bodyslam and hits the Gas Mask for the win in approximately two and a half minutes.  Gas and Chaz motion the belts sign afterwards indicating they may be taking a run at the tag team titles.

When WWF are sending the likes of Pete Gas and Chaz Warrington, along with D-Lo Brown who is mentioned on commentary, to be regulars, it does nothing to dispel the notion that IWA-PR was the place they sent guys who they had no use for and who they hoped would quit on their own dime.

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