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[2001-08-22-UPW-Unfinished Business] Blazin' Benny Chong vs Spanky


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Blazin’ Benny Chong is better known as B-Boy and he seems to go under both names here in UPW.  This looks to be from TV as opposed to a commercial tape as it’s introduced by Doc Marlee and the Big Schwag.  First up we get highlights of how Chong won the UPW Lightweight title, defeating both Prodigy and Devon Willis in a three way bout where he pinned Prodigy following a Death Valley Driver.  Next we hear from Spanky who introduces himself in a backstage interview.  He actually does a pretty good Shawn Michaels impersonation, showing that Jason Sensation was actually even less of a requirement for the Kliq 2000 in Memphis.  The interview is just a run down of his career; trained by Shawn Michaels, signed a WWF developmental contract after only being in the business for five months, sent to Memphis where he trained under the likes of William Regal, Robbie Brookside and Bobby Eaton and already has one ECWA Super 8 under his belt.  Now he’s in California and has his sights set on Blazin’ Benny Chong and the Lightweight title, because “chicks dig belts and he digs chicks!”

It is from TV as after the two square up to one another and slap each other across the face we go straight to a commercial break.  When we return it’s the champion who is in control.  T-Bone suplex by Chong.  Rear chinlock and Spanky is trying to get the fans to get behind him to fire him up.  He escapes but a double clothesline sees both go down.  They trade punches in the middle before Spanky connects on a leg lariat.  Tornado DDT for a near fall.  Chong avoids the frog splash and then thrusts Spanky in the throat.  That was called the Incinerator and I think it’s supposed to be some sort of lethal blow by the way the commentators are talking it up and their subsequent surprise when Spanky kicked out of the cover.  A couple of reversals and Spanky dumps him with a German suplex.  He hits Sliced Bread #2 but Funky Billy Kim, who I hadn’t noticed up to this point, puts Chong’s leg over the bottom rope.  Spanky goes for it again however this time Chong fights him off.  The champ lands a big kick and then hits the One Hitter Quitter, which looks like Reckless Youth’s Northern Lights 2K1 bomb for the win.

Not much to see here, even with a change of name B-Boy’s still not the most exciting of watches.  The finisher does look nasty although he struggled to get Spanky up.  I suppose we’ll see Spanky crop up in various indies now until the berth of Ring of Honor.

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