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[2001-12-14-CMLL-Sin Piedad] Emilio Charles Jr vs Shocker (Hair vs Hair)

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Triple H, eat ya heart out! Shocker entered this match dressed as an Egyptian Pharaoh while Emilio came to the ring dressed like Caesar. After a fairly lackluster build up, this was about as good a match as you could have hoped for. It was smartly laid out with three solid falls. After weeks of running away from Shocker, Emilio went on the offensive and was the aggressor early on, which I liked. They dealt with the Babe Richard problem in the most WWF way possible w/ Shocker taking him out with one of his signature moves. Usually, I'd bitch about that sort of thing, but they made it work. Richard was replaced with a tecnico ref, which Emilio immediately latched onto during the post match. There was a lot of great work from the seconds in this match and everyone was on their game performance wise. One of the smart things about the match was that it constantly highlighted Shocker's athleticism as opposed to his rudoism. So, it wasn't a surprise when he cut a face promo afterward. Emilio getting his beautiful locks cut was quite the sight. I really liked this match. It was the CMLL equivalent of a smart WWF main event. Good stuff. 

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