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[2001-04-21-JAPW-Proven] Homicide vs J-Train


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J-Train being the future Julius Smokes.  Stiff running forearm smash in the corner by Homicide, Train’s selling of that being something else.  He reverses the whip to the opposite corner and lands a monkey flip followed by a pair of dropkicks as Cide rolls to the floor to grab a word with his manager, Johnny D.  Train follows him out, Cide launching a chair full force at his face.  Back in the ring, a running shoulder tackle and Train starts convulsing like he’s having some sort of seizure.  He no sells a Cide chop and then lays in some stingers of his own.  Homicide takes another trip to the outside, J-Train on his tail again, although it’s Train who ends up being whipped into the guard rail.  Johnny D slides a chair into the ring and Train is on his knees begging off.  Two absolutely disgusting chair shots, the second of which sees the chair bend over Train’s head, resulting in yet more convulsing from him.  Splash off the top only gets a two count.  Train blocks a suplex and hits one of his own.  Double underhook suplex.  Cide counters a belly to back with a bulldog and then throws Train out to ringside.  He sets a table upright against the safety railing and lays Train across it, however he moves and it is Homicide who goes crashing through it courtesy of a running flip dive.  Train is to his feet first and rolls Cide into the ring.  The elbow drop is measure but the JAPW Heavyweight champion kicks out.  The two exchange stiff slaps in the middle before a Mafia kick by Homicide drops Train.  He calls for the Cop Killa, which he duly hits, and after another seizure, J-Train goes down for the three.

I think we may have a new contender for Stiffest Chair Shot of the Year here.  The second one that Homicide gave Train was revolting.  J-Train was better than I thought he’d be and is another who’s not afraid to hit or be hit.  He is one of a kind though when it comes to his way of selling things!

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