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[2001-04-21-PCW] Eddie Vick vs Maxx Kalifornia (Sioux City Streetfight)


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I’m getting a very Power House Pro Wrestling meets the Long Island Wrestling Federation vibe about PCW.  A huge ovation for Kalifornia, the clear fan favourite here.  Vick steps out the way of the charge and gives Maxx a helping hand to the outside.  He follows him out, collecting a Stop sign which he uses as a weapon.  Back inside Vick makes a cover, Maxx pressing him off with authority as Vick lands on the referee.  There’s a complete miscommunication at one point as they appear to be on different pages.  Vick with a DDT following a fair bit of uninspired offense on his part.  Maxx connects on a spinning heel kick and I’m wondering if everyone here is his legit friend by the response he gets from the fans.  After Vick complains to the referee of a slow count, he then starts pushing him about.  In retaliation the ref Pedigree’s Vick, which they botch completely, to another quite unbelievable pop.  Spinning cradle suplex by Maxx.  The ring is mic’d good and proper by how loud the audio is when the wrestler’s are stomping on the mat.  Middle rope legdrop, Kalifornia’s ass landing on Vick’s face.  A baseball slide sends Vick to the floor and it looks like they’re finally going to make use of those street fight stipulations.  Maxx grabs a chair and they disappear to the back of the arena where you can just about make out him clocking Vick with it.  A table gets set up, Kalifornia standing on the stairs railing and putting Vick through it.  At least I’m pretty certain that’s what happened as our view was obscured by the fans.  He drags him back to the ring where Vick escapes the pumphandle slam and gives Maxx a slightly better Pedigree than the ref gave him.  Talking of the ref, who is still clearly pissed from earlier, this time he does slow count Vick’s cover, giving Kalifornia every opportunity to kick out of the pin attempt.  Which he does.  Maxx counters the second Pedigree attempt by slingshotting Vick into the corner and puts him away with the Pumphandle slam.

After viewing, this is definitely more PHPW than LIWF, at least in the Long Island the wrestlers are capable.  Bad match which saw very minimal use of the street fight stipulations.  I can’t say I’m overly looking forward to the other PCW stuff that we have.

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