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[2001-04-07-IPW-Hardcore Hell 2001] Jet Jaguar & Seijin Akki vs Naphtali & Dagon Briggs (Ladder)


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The stuff between Jaguar and Briggs is much better than the Naphtali and Akki exchanges that preceded it.  Briggs grabs Jet in a seated abdominal stretch, opening him up for a Naphtali kick to the mid-section.  Naphtali runs up the turnbuckles to see if it’s possibly to leap from the top and grab the belt that is being hung from the ceiling.  It isn’t.  And when he drops down to the mat is met by a Jaguar clothesline.  Briggs enters to help his partner out, at which point I notice there isn’t a referee as no-one is trying to get him back out to the apron.  As the two double team Jet, Akki watches on.  Oh dear, it looks like they forgot to explain the rules to everyone as five minute in the ring announcer informs everyone that “Anarchy Rules” are in operation here, which I think is a 2001 way of saying anything goes.  Naphtali with a cool inverted suplex dropped into a stunner on Akki.  I’ve definitely seen that before, maybe it’s a Ric Blade move?  He either has a short term memory or is not the smartest as he’s back climbing the turnbuckles to see if he can jump to get the belt.  Maybe he thinks that he’s grown a few inches since the last time he tried?  Akki shakes the ropes causing him to crotch himself and then hits a top rope Frankensteiner.  Stereo planchas to the outside.  Jaguar collects the ladder, which had been placed in front of the curtain and brings it into the ring.  Double flying clothesline off the very top rung.  The tape runs out and by the time it’s been changed it is the opposition who are now in control, rejoining the action right as Briggs dumps Akki on the back of his head with a release German.  He lays Jet flat across the ladder but then misses the top rope legdrop as Jaguar rolls out the way.  Triple jump moonsault by Naphtali, very pleased with himself by the way he celebrates that one.  Yuck, a terrible looking spot as Naphtali is on the top turnbuckle AND ACTUALLY HOLDING THE LADDER.  Rather than opening it out to climb, he’s instead bouncing on the ropes, trying to reach the belt that way.  This goes on for too long until Akki arrives to dropkick the ladder, sending it clattering into him.  That was just completely unrealistic.  Akki blasts Naphtali with a chair and follows up with a Fisherman’s buster.  A super sloppy Tarantula.  Rolling Death Valley Driver by Briggs on Akki.  Oh, it’s not a title belt at all that is being hung above the ring, it’s a referee’s shirt and Akki, despite being on the receiving end of that DVD, is the one to retrieve it.  The match continues and the ladder is moved from the ring onto the entrance way.  Briggs hangs Akki in the Tree of Woe and Naphtali with a springboard Van Terminator, starting by jumping onto the top rope from the ladder.  Naphtali then (barely) puts on the ref’s shirt and fast counts his cover for the win.

Two of these wrestlers are good, two not so.  Naphtali is a Sabu imitator and a low rent one at that.  It’s a long time since I watched it but I remember thinking that the Akki vs Mike Quackenbush  match from February was poor, and whilst I can’t remember if that was down to him, Quack or both, he did nothing here to make me want to investigate him further.  The spot where Naphtali was stood on the top rope was plain awful.  A very Indy match although I come out of it intrigued to see Jaguar and Briggs in a one on one.

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