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[2001-04-04-CZW-Payback] Reckless Youth vs Nick Berk vs Trent Acid


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A Three Way Dance, however, due to a pre-match coin toss Trent Acid gets a five minute bye and it’ll be Reckless and Berk starting things off.  Surely though, in theory at least because it would never happen, that means Trent could lose the match before he’s ever entered it?  We start off with some smooth chain wrestling and it’s pretty good to be fair.  Reckless applies a combination Cobra clutch/backbreaker (he kneels down and bends Berk over his knee), although they’re too close to the ropes, which Berk grabs.  Some fans have taken to calling Berk “Nick Jerk”.   He dumps Reckless onto the apron and then drills him with a right hand, Reckless falling to the concrete.  As Berk sets about launching himself at him with a big dive he’s cut-off by Trent Acid, in early from the five minute bye that he was afforded.  The Irish whip is reversed and Reckless hooks Trent by the ankles, pulling him out to the floor with him.  Berk goes for a pescado onto both, not only though do they hop back inside to avoid it, he is able to land on his feet.  Crossbody off the top onto Reckless, however Berk then gets floored by a Trent Mafia kick, called a Yakuza kick here.  A Rocker Dropper on Reckless and a Mafia kick for him too.  Berk is to his feet and catches Trent with a leg lariat.  Middle rope moonsault.  Reckless with a reverse DDT and a big running double knee to Trent in the corner.  Eurgh, a three way belly to back.  To be fair we’ve not seen any of the three-way tropes that tend to be commonplace in these types of matches, so although it was cute, I’ll let them off that one.  Berk shoves Reckless out the way of a charging Trent and gives him an inverted atomic drop.  Asai moonsault by Reckless who then gets bombed by Trent.  Acid escapes the Berk Driver and as Reckless grabs a go behind, Berk with a sunset flip on him, Reckless keeping hold and Germaning Trent at the same time.  Double underhook sit-out DDT on Trent.  A stiff clothesline, but Berk is there to break up the cover.  Berk ducks the clothesline and pancakes Reckless, Trent breaking up that one.  He sets Reckless for a superplex, however Berk gets underneath him and has him on his shoulder, Reckless then comes off the top with a flying bulldog.  As Reckless tries an O’Connor Roll, Berk uses his own momentum to send him through the ropes to the floor.  A quick schoolboy by Trent, putting his own feet over the ropes for additional leverage and he comes out on top.-

A lot of the stuff that I hate about three-ways wasn’t on show here, and even the stuff I don’t like (the cutesy spots like the multi-person belly to back, the sunset flip German or the spare man constantly breaking up pinfall attempts) was kept to the bare minimum.  A good showing from all three in what was a pretty good match.

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