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[2001-04-07-IPW-Hardcore Hell 2001] Mike Sullivan vs Scoot Andrews


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Title vs Title match, Scoot the Light Heavyweight champion facing off against Sullivan, the IPW World champion.  Just as I was in the process of writing some very nice chain wrestling, they end things with a stand-off.  Jeez, does everything have to end that was in the early 2000s? 

Sullivan gets a cheap shot in on the break but is dropkicked as he jumps to the top turnbuckle.  Modified Assault Driver by Scoot.  After being pancaked to the mat and taking his second two count of the match, Sullivan rolls to the outside to gather his thoughts.  Scoot leans over to grab him but Sullivan snaps his neck across the top rope.  Some nice heeling from him, putting his knee across Scoot’s throat and as the ref warns him, trying to get him to stop, he claims he can’t hear just to do a few additional seconds of damage.  Ron Niemi is in the World champion’s corner and he pokes Scoot in the eyes behind the official’s back when Sullivan is distracting him.  The two trade open hand slaps, Sullivan getting the better of things.  Sullivan telegraphs a backdrop and Scoot with a Rock Bottom.  He heads upstairs, slowly, the match having taken plenty out of him, which gives Sullivan the opportunity to fall into the ropes causing him to crotch himself.  Double underhook superplex.  Delayed vertical which gets an appreciative round of applause from the fans.  Scoot slides through Sullivan’s legs, grabs an arm and hits that dangerous looking pumphandle driver.  Nice near fall with Sullivan getting a foot over the bottom rope.  Scoot misses a dropkick and a sit-out slingshot front suplex by Sullivan.  Fuck, as they’re building for the go home they’re attacked by a couple of guys.  It looks like Scoot and Sullivan are going to team up to clear the ring when two more unknowns join the attack.  The dressing room empties and I’m not recognising anyone.  From the post-match interviews, it sounds like the wrestlers who jumped Sullivan and Scoot are from NWA Florida and they’re doing an invasion/interpromotional feud.

I was expecting a schmozz or some non-decision with it being title vs title, it’s still disappointing when it happens though.  Good match up until the non-finish.

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