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[2001-04-21-PCW] Los Guapos vs Real Hott vs The Wild Ones (Elimination)


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There’s some distortion on the sound so there is no chance of being able to identify the individual wrestlers in each team.  This is a PCW tag team title match though, Los Guapos the current champions.  It looks like one of the Guapos feigns a lost contact lens at one point, getting the ref to help him look for it while his partner gets some cheap shots in behind his back.  That was original at least.  Despite the Guapos being the champions they’re working together with Real Hott against the Wild Ones.  The rules to this match have not been explained.  If it’s first pin and the titles can change hands that way, not a bad game plan for Real Hott, targeting one specific person and teaming up with the champions to do so, if the Guapos can only lose the belts if one of them is pinned or submits, then it makes no sense.  A pinfall has already been broken up so I’m assuming this isn’t elimination rules.  After being worked over for the opening twelve minutes or so, the Wild One hot tags his partner who takes it to all four other men.  Even with this being the main event of the show, the crowd are still real hot (sorry!) for what they’re watching, they’re not burned out at all.  We get some lame stuff when both members of Real Hott are “forced” to go against each other, then it happens again with the Wild Ones.  A snap suplex is badly botched by a Guapo and one of Real Hott.  Things revert to how they were at the start of the match, the two teams teaming up against the Wild Ones.  The worst Guerrero/Malenko sequence ever!  If you can’t pull it off guys don’t even try.  Another hot tag to the other Wild One and the match has really started to fall apart with even more blown spots.  It looks like the Guapos retain, one of them pinning both members of Real Hott with a double sunset flip, only for the match to continue.  So it was elimination rules after all!  Literally twenty seconds later the Wild Ones win the straps, when one of the Guapos are pinned after a frog splash.

Average, at best, wrestlers going thirty minutes in an over mic’d ring with no commentary and where you don’t know the story or back story of anyone involved was too much for me.  The last ten minutes especially were a real slog and felt twice as long as it actually was.

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