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[2001-04-07-CZW-The Boss is Back] Little Guido vs Nick Berk


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Despite all he’s achieved in ECW, according to John House Little Guido still has to prove himself in the Combat Zone.  Guido claims CZW has been calling him for months begging for him to come down and wrestle for them.  House and Gargiulo aren’t buying that, believing that they don’t need him.  Guido hasn’t been impressed with what he’s seen; a bunch of no talented bitches in the dressing room and fans with half a brain between all of them.  Haha, for all his pre-match words Guido is straight at it playing chicken shit, slapping Berk across the face and then running to the floor out of his way.  They work the mat and Berk holds his own on that front, even looking for an armbar submission of his own at one point.  A drop toe hold sends Guido crashing into the canvas.  Magistral cradle.  Guido with some open handed slaps to the chest followed by a running elbow smash to the jaw.  He lets go of the chinlock to get in the face of this one fan who’s been on his case, squaring up to him.  Berk throws him back inside but Guido immediately jumps out to the floor again, almost as if he’s trying to bait him.  It doesn’t work though as he ends up being run into a chair held by that fan he was jawing with only moments earlier.  Somersault plancha by Berk.  Guido backs off, Berk remaining on his case.  The attempted Figure Four is countered with a small package and Guido with a Rocker Dropper for a two.  He’s still talking to that same fan.  Fujiwara armbar.  Guido tosses Berk to the outside and puts the armbar on him on the concrete.  Back in the ring the two trade hard chops.  A bunch of near falls for either man.  Berk hits the Berk Driver and as it looks like he’s got this won, the bell rings to signify that the ten minute time limit has expired.  No prizes for guessing how that is received!  Everyone, bar Guido, wants five more minutes, Guido though has no intention of giving it them.  He says how Berk could go one more minute with him let alone five, slaps him across the face and then runs to the dressing room.

Decent enough.  I would like to have seen more of what they did at the beginning, the chain wrestling, the scrambling, the exchanging of holds.  Berk’s one of the better wrestlers in CZW, however you can tell against someone like Guido he’s not as crisp, not as smooth.  Pretty sure they shaved time on the ten minutes and it was more like eight (at least it wasn’t as blatant as that Ki match in January).  This should lead to a rematch, that’s if Guido is coming back.

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