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[2001-04-07-CZW-The Boss is Back] Joel Maximo vs Red vs Jose Maximo


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All three make their entrance together which doesn’t sit right with me.  Ah, while they knew they were coming to wrestle to CZW tonight, it’s played that they didn’t know they would be wrestling each other.  That’s not that bad then.  This is fast paced and I’m not even going to try to do a detailed review of all the action.  We get a three way stand-off after each throws a dropkick at the same time.  As well as the highly choreographed feel to this, think the opening to a Ric Blade match and then some, it’s fairly sloppy too.  Satellite headscissors into a tornado DDT by Red.  A Jose headscissors sends Red to the outside and he then wipes him out with a lovely Asai moonsault.  Joel fucks up his suicide dive, getting his legs caught in the ropes, however everyone quickly forget about that courtesy of Red’s springboard Sky Twister press.  Red with a huracanrana off the fence.  Red Star press.  Moonsault press, Joel way out of position to take it and having to dive to get there in time and cushion Red’s landing.  Something that sounds like a Skeller Driver from one of the Maximos.  Frog splash by Joel, but at the same time Red catches him with a Diamond Cutter.  Double Spanish Fly on Red (called a Millennium Drop by Gargiulo), everyone’s shoulders are down and we get a three way pin, the match ending in a draw.  The three get an incredible response from the crowd, everyone in the building on their feet for them.  I’ve not seen anything like this, in terms of fan reaction, in CZW up until this point and the only thing that comes close is the Jodie Fleisch vs Jonny Storm match from Best of the Best 2.  On seeing the reaction Gargiulo closes by saying that it looks like they may have found their home.

A pure spotfest and the perfect example of a match that is hard to judge with 2020 eyes.  It’s not the kind of style that I enjoy, but there’s no getting away from the fact that it was fun and creative as hell.  Red is clearly the stand out of the three.

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