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[2001-04-07-CZW-The Boss is Back] Trent Acid vs Ruckus


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Trent stalls and then plays to the fans, which was an attempt at getting the jump on Ruckus, but he was ready and expecting it.  He gets dumped onto the apron and a dropkick to the legs take the legs out from under him as he falls to the floor.  Space Flying Tiger Drop!  Handspring round off on the concrete, that one having the incredibly lame name of Sweet.  Z-Barr, who Gargiulo and House have taken to calling Britney, gets taken out when he tries to interfere.  The Razzle Dazzle to Trent and a big splash for Barr.  It feels like I’m watching a Gymnastics routine with all of these flips and tumbles.  Tornado DDT gets a two count.  Ruckus telegraphs the backdrop and Trent with a Roaring elbow.  A second is blocked and then Trent fakes an injury after being nailed by a modified enzuigiri.  The moment Ruckus turns his back on him Acid immediately hops into the ring and blasts him with a superkick.  Yakuza kick.  A second Yakuza kick, Ruckus falling from the apron and into a bunch of chairs out at ringside.  Bad Trip (which is a twisting splash from the top turnbuckle, this one done to the floor with Ruckus laid out on the chairs).  Ruckus reverses the whip into the fence but Trent jumps up and moonsault presses off it.  Back in the ring Trent leaps into a superkick.  Forward roll slam into a standing moonsault followed by a middle rope moonsault.  Swanton bomb.  John House called it a 330lb Swanton dive!  Ruckus is a chubby yeah and I know wrestling is full of exaggerations, but that one’s preposterous!  Trent counters the quesadora with a wheelbarrow suplex.  He places a chair over Ruckus’ face, hitting a tumbleweed legdrop onto it.  Ruckus reverses the Acid Bomb into a facebuster and lands a split legged moonsault for a near fall.  Barr pulls Trent out the way of a 450 splash, Acid Bomb onto a chair and that’s it.

A good Indy junior heavyweight showcase.  It was getting close to spotfest territory, although wasn’t as blatant as the S.A.T. three-way which preceded it on the show.  Ruckus continues to amaze with his aerial ability, completely defying his size in what he can do.  Best thing on the card so far.  

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