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[2001-04-07-CZW-The Boss is Back] Nick Gage & Nate Hatred vs The H8 Club (Justice Pain & Wifebeater) vs Zandig & Jun Kasai


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Due to something that happened earlier in the show, the H8 Club have just five minutes to defeat the CZW World tag team champions, Nick Gage & Nate Hatred, if they are unable to do so then Zandig & Jun Kasai get added to the match.  Another CZW show and Hatred still getting a ton of shit from the fans.  The work here is way faster than you would imagine, John House reminding everyone that they only have five minutes, well they don’t but I get what he’s saying, and both teams are looking to get this over with before the arrival of Zandig & Kasai.  Gage chokeslams Pain across his own knee.  Tilt-a-whirl face first slam by Hatred.  Northern Lights suplex.  A High Low on Nate.  Gage knees Wifebeater in the back as he hits the ropes and Hatred with a belly to belly, Gargiulo name dropping Magnum T.A.  There have been so many two counts already and, given the match stipulations, it makes perfect sense.  Way easier to wrestle and defeat one team than two.  Beater catches Nate with a powerslam and then one for Gage.  Justice clotheslines Gage over the top rope to the outside before leaping off the back of his own partner and out onto both.  Pain traps Hatred in an STF on the concrete while at the same time Beater arranges a ton of chairs.  Flip dive off the top turnbuckle by Gage onto everyone.  The action returns to the ring and still no sign of Zandig & Kasai, the five minutes must have passed by this point.  The champs military press Beater overhead and throw him out into those chairs that he’d arranged only moments earlier.  Just as they have Pain isolated and all alone, hear comes Zandig & Kasai.  Justice with a Sky High on Kasai, Beater snap suplexing Zandig on the floor at the same time.  I’ve no idea where Gage & Hatred have disappeared to.  Implant DDT by Kasai. Zandig powerbombs Beater into even more chairs.  According to Gargiulo the champions have retreated to the dressing room because the belts are now no longer on the line.  Hmmm, this is confusing.  Z-Barr and Trent Acid are out and they set up a couple of tables on top of each other in front of the entrance curtain.  Zandig lays Beater on top of them and all three of them hold him in place while Kasai climbs to the top of the building.  Huge splash puts Beater through both.  Gage and Hatred are back and make a beeline right for Justice.  Gargiulo wants some EMT’s out as he is unsure if Wifebeater is even breathing!  Combination powerbomb/neckbreaker on Pain. Double suplex and the champions retain.  Zandig carries Beater back to the ring and as the Big Deals continues to attack them, the locker room empties to run them off.  Zandig throws out a challenge for next week, he’ll be in England but if Wifebeater & Justice Pain have got the guts, challenges them to take on Nick Mondo & Jun Kasai in a fans bring the weapons match.

The rules were a bit confusing, the champions leaving then returning, but this was good, the opening section especially exceeding all expectations.  Based on what I watched this was a fun CZW show, nothing stank, nothing bad, everything enjoyable and a clean finish in the main event!  A thumbs up from me.

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