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[2001-04-27-ICW-Suicidal Tendencies] Joel Maximo vs Red


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A North Eastern title match, Joel Maximo the current champion with Red being introduced as “Red the Amazing”.  The two shake hands and hug before things get underway, leading to the one commentator saying how “in the ring friendships should be like Jon Benet Ramsay’s corpse, dead and buried.”   Bloody hell!  They start with some standard wrestling and it’s almost like everyone is waiting for them to get into doing what their known for.  The other commentator says what these guys do is mix Lucha style with Urban style.  What on earth is Urban style?  I’m guessing he means modern/progressive.  Standing rana by Red.  Maximo cuts off the tornado DDT by dumping Red onto the apron.  He follows him out there but a Red kick takes his legs out from under him and he goes face first into the apron.  Red appears to lose his balance on the top rope quebrada falling into the ring, rather than reset and repeat the spot he runs the ropes and hits a flip dive instead.  Quick thinking on his part to cover for it.  One footed dropkick followed by the Red Star press.  Moonsault bodyblock.  Ahh, back on the 4/7 CZW show I said how Maximo was out of position and had to dive to cushion Red’s fall, the same thing happened again here.  I’m now more of the impression that Maximo was spearing him mid-air, as not only did it look clearer here, Red was also selling his ribs after it.  Red side steps the charge and the champion ends hung upside down in the corner, however he manages to avoid the springboard legdrop.  Middle rope moonsault headbutt.  Red gets a foot up on the top rope moonsault which Maximo flies face first into.  Phoenix splash by Red for a near fall.  Red whiffs on a kick but a palm strike sends Maximo to the outside.  Before he can go and grab him, he’s attacked by Chris Divine.  Abunai, who looks like Al Snow’s Avatar gimmick, joins Divine in the attack, this payback for earlier in the night when Red interfered in their match.  Mikey Whipwreck runs out to save his trainees, that in turn brings out Xavier.  Between his neckbreakers, a springboard 450 to the floor putting Maximo through a table and a piledriver Xavier looked phenomenal.  The S.A.T. and Mikey are left laying, the commentators unsure as to whether Mikey can make his tag team title match later.

Not the best example of this match, things starting to fall apart in the back end and it became quite sloppy.  Xavier looked incredible in his run in.  Assume this was a no-contest/non-decision.

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