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[2001-04-27-ICW-Suicidal Tendencies] Da Hit Squad vs Danny Doring & Roadkill vs Homicide & Angel


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Whoever this commentator is is now stealing old Joel Gertner lines, describing Da Hit Squad as “harder than the tree that stopped Sonny Bono.”  There’s a bit of a past versus the future feel about this match, the ex-ECW regulars who weren’t picked up by the WWE and the Indy hard hitters who have been making a name for themselves these past eighteen months.  Doring has changed his ring gear from what he used to wear in ECW, now opting for just a pair of shorts, and this is a much better look for him.  After the initial pier sixer, we’re left with just Roadkill and Monsta Mack in the ring, everyone else continuing to go at it on the floor.  Roadkill with a Barnburner.  Doring and Angel replace them in the ring, for about a minute, before rejoining everyone outside.  G-Spot sweep onto a chair.  It’s like there are three separate individual matches going on; there’s too much action to follow let alone call.  Pumphandle superplex by Mafia on Homicide.  Mafia escapes the Cop Killa, the commentator saying “What the hell was that?”  Jeez, has he never seen Homicide wrestle before?  The two stop and look at each, almost as if to say “What are we doing?”  Although they shook hands prior to the match beginning, their history hasn’t been acknowledged.  They forget about each other and hit stereo suicide dives out to opposite sides of the ring instead.  Roadkill with a double springboard clothesline.  Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma’am on Homicide, Roadkill follows that with a big splash off the top and the final ECW tag team champions come out victorious.

No chance of taking in everything that was going due to the match being all action from the get go, but considering they kept the brawl confined to the ringside area this wasn’t bad at all.

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