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[2001-04-21-PCW] Terrance Turtle vs Steve Wallace (I Quit)


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There has been an ongoing ‘Best of Three’ series between these two, this ‘I Quit’ the final match in the trilogy.  I was hoping Terrance might have been a long lost cousin of Timmy & Tommy from the WWF’s infamous Toxic Turtles gimmick, he is not, and in fact looks like a child, wrestling in shirt, tie and slacks.  The Turtle is accompanied by his valet/girlfriend and is clearly punching above his weight.  Wallace catches me off guard with a cool looking submission that the Turtle reverses into a single leg crab.  It looks like he tries for a cross armbar but the unfortunate position of the camera means that they’re practically obscured by the ring post.  Full Boston crab, Wallace getting to the ropes for the break.  Wallace takes to the floor where he’s met by a Turtle plancha from the top turnbuckle.  A trio of hard chair shots elicit a “Fuck him up Turtle, fuck him up!” chant, which might be my favourite chant of the year so far.  Arabian facebuster off the top!  Another hard chair shot drops Wallace.  Turtle gives up on the Scorpion Deathlock for some reason, which he probably shouldn’t have as Wallace low blows him.  His control doesn’t last long, ending up in the Tree of Woe, from where Turtle dropkicks a chair which he had placed in front of his face.  Wallace starts to fire back and brains Turtle with a chair shot of his own.  He finds some handcuffs and it looks like we’re getting the Rock vs Mankind Royal Rumble ’99 finish, or at least some variation of it as he cuffs Turtle’s hands behind his back.  No we’re not, the Turtle is a master lock picker and as Wallace plays to the crowd, Turtle shows everyone that he has already unpicked the lock before putting his hands back behind his back so Wallace is none the wiser.  As Wallace goes to drill him, he uses his hands to block the chair shot.  Turtle kills Wallace with a chair shot and then cuffs him, explaining to everyone how he was expecting something sneaky so took the opportunity to search Wallace’s bag when he’d left the locker room, finding the key.  Of course that begs the question how did he know that key was for a pair of handcuffs?  But let’s not worry about the fine print!  It would appear there was a second set of keys as Wallace too frees himself.  More shenanigans with the chair including Turtle launching it at Wallace as he’s on the top turnbuckle, Wallace falling to the floor.  Having hurt his leg on the fall, Turtle slaps on a leglock submission that forces the tap.

The more I see of this promotion the more I think it’s a bunch of guys putting on a show for their friends.  I liked the use of the handcuffs and Turtle picking the lock, but then they repeated it when they should’ve had either Wallace quit to avoid being repeatedly hit or done the Rock/Mankind spot that they were clearly teasing rather than going an additional few minutes.  Off the three matches I’ve watched from PCW so far, this is the one I’ve enjoyed the most, which shows that looks can be deceiving because I was certain it would be the worse when Turtle stepped through the curtain.

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