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[2001-05-03-WWF-Smackdown] Kurt Angle vs Bob Holly

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We get a recap from Raw where Chris Benoit stole Kurt Angle’s Olympic gold medals.  Hardcore Bob is drinking from a glass of milk as he makes his entrance.  He questions if Kurt’s “Got medals?” which might not be the wisest of things to say going by Angle’s current mood.  Nice early powerslam by Holly.  Butterfly suplex.  Angle reverses the Irish whip, keeps hold of the arm and hotshots Bob across the top rope.  As he stomps him down, Chris Benoit’s music plays, ‘the Crippler’ appearing at the top of the entrance way holding Kurt’s medals.  That distracts Angle, who looks like his face is about to pop with how red it’s turning.  His focus completely gone, Holly dropkicks Kurt in the back and then German suplexes him.  Hardcore goes upstairs, but Angle rushes and armdrags him to the mat.  After tossing him to the outside he sets off after ‘the Crippler’, intent on getting those medals of his back.  Again Holly takes advantage, this time whipping Kurt into the metal ring steps.  Stiff slaps and chops to the chest.  Back inside Holly runs into a big boot and Kurt floors him with a clothesline.  Holly flips over on the attempted belly to back and hits a Falcon Arrow for a near fall.  He trips Kurt and locks in a lovely ankle/leg lock submission that I’ve not seen him use before, Angle getting to the ropes for the break.  Hardcore grabs a go behind and Kurt rolls through into the ankle lock.  At this point Benoit starts talking on the mic, telling Angle is he wants his medals he’ll find them around his neck.  That was one distraction too many, Holly schoolboying Kurt for the upset win.

I liked this and these two work well together even if the match was a backdrop for the Benoit/Angle feud.

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