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[2001-05-18-NJPW-Best of the Super Juniors] Chris Candido vs Silver King


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New Japan is something I’ve not watched anything of in the project so far, however with Candido on tour here and part of this year’s Best of the Super Junior tournament, I thought it was about time that changed.  These two are working a non-stop pace, Candido picking up the first two count of the match with a Northern Lights suplex.  Lovely delayed vertical suplex.  Candido drops a leg from the middle but King is able to kick out of the cover.  He tosses him to the floor and connects on the pescado, King falling backwards into the metal guard rail.  Back inside King reverses the Irish whip and a dropkick sends Candido to the outside, King nailing him with one of his trademark springboard planchas.  He positions a chair in the corner of the ring although ends up going head first into it courtesy of a Candido drop toe hold.  After Candido picks the chair up, King dropkicks it into his face, like a modified Van Daminator.  Why isn’t the ref doing anything about it and allowing them to use this chair?  Haha, just as I write that King makes a cover, the official though is refusing to count, citing the use of the chair which he is now removing from the ring.  Candido catches King on the moonsault bodyblock who in turn then counters the powerbomb with a facebuster.  Double jump springboard moonsault.  As King heads upstairs, Candido rushes him and is able to land the suicideplex for a near fall.  Diving headbutt and again King gets a shoulder up.  King rolls out the way of a second diving headbutt and begins to take over.  Rabbit lariat to the back of the head followed by a spinning powerbomb with Candido starting out in the Electric Chair position.  Standing moonsault, bottom rope moonsault, middle rope moonsault (I was so expecting the top rope moonsault two and was ready to write Quadrisault but it wasn’t to be) and that puts Candido away.  Candido offers his hand post-match, the two hug with King acknowledging Candido’s effort.

Nice to see some Chris Candido in 2001 and this was a good first showing from him, although I could have done without the use of the chair.

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