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[2001-05-19-NJPW-Best of the Super Juniors] Silver King vs Gran Naniwa


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A couple of early miscommunications between these two and Naniwa isn’t working as well with King as Chris Candido did.  King rips open Naniwa’s mask, perhaps pissed at how things are going.  Step up enzuigiri by Naniwa followed by a pretty poor looking tornado DDT.  He botches a handstand headscissors with King sat on the turnbuckles and the second attempt isn’t much better.  King with an Alleycopter for a near fall.  The same finishing sequence as last night, Naniwa, whose mask has completely fallen off by this point, kicking out after a rabbit lariat/spinning powerbomb combination but then going down to the trio of moonsaults.

Not good and that is all down to Naniwa who was dreadful.  I have a hunch this was probably clipped too judging by the official time although I didn’t spot any jumps in the footage.

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