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[2001-05-20-NJPW-Best of the Super Juniors] Silver King vs Wataru Inoue


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On first impressions it would seem Inoue is opting for a more ground based approach than Silver King’s previous two opponents in the tournament.  He looks for an armbar but King uses his free arm to grab his trapped one to prevent it from being straightened out.  There’s definitely a slower, more methodical feel to this match.  Inoue blocks a clothesline and rolls through into a heel hook submission, King scrambling his way over to the ropes for the break.  Overhead suplex.  King counters the suplex with an inside cradle for a two.  Big powerbomb by Inoue.  The pair exchange meaty clotheslines neither wanting to give an inch.  Nice, King blocks an Inoue one and locks in a heel hook of his own, this time Inoue going to the ropes.  He climbs to the top ropes but Inoue is to his feet and gives him a shove, King taking a flip out to the floor.  Suicide dive by Inoue.  Back inside the whip to the corner is reversed and King connects on a rabbit lariat.  If you’ve watched the previous two nights you know what’s coming next, although King does land on his head on the bottom rope moonsault.

Nice to see a different style match out of King in the tournament as he moves to 3-0.  Again this looks to have been clipped judging by the time but again I didn’t see any noticeable edits.  On that front, top work by New Japan’s video team.

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