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[2001-05-25-NJPW-Best of the Super Juniors] Chris Candido vs El Samurai


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Candido’s heeling it up on his entrance, using his towel to swat away the hands of the fans who’re trying to touch him.  Bodyscissors into a roll up by Candido.  He tries it a second time but Samurai Germans him on the back of his head.  Candido picks up a two count following a powerbomb after catching Samurai on an attempted leapfrog.  Nice selling of his own head by Candido following a headbutt.  Samurai blocks the superplex and counters with a front suplex.  Super sunset flip, Candido kicking out before they trade a bunch of near falls.  Reverse DDT by Samurai.  Tornado DDT, Candido barely getting a shoulder up this time.  Candido floats over on the bodyslam and hits this dangerous as hell looking Michinoku Driver, spiking Samurai.  He’s caught as he goes upstairs and Samurai lands a top rope Frankensteiner.  With how dangerous that Driver looked Samurai was up too quick for my liking.  Candido kicks out of the cover but Samurai immediately applies a Kimura to force the tap.

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