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[2001-06-01-NJPW-Best of the Super Juniors] Chris Candido vs Wataru Inoue


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A lovely delayed suplex by Candido.  Inoue reverses the whip to the corner and hiptosses Candido as he comes out.  He goes for a leapfrog but is caught and powerbombed to the mat.  Candido looks for another powerbomb, however Inoue counters the attempt with a huracanrana.  A dropkick sends Candido to the outside where he’s nailed by an Inoue tope.  Back in the ring Inoue with a cool looking backdrop suplex.  He goes upstairs but gets his legs swiped out from under him.  Candido lands the suicideplex and then hits a diving headbutt for a nearfall.  Respectful applause from the crowd for Inoue kicking out of that.  He’s back looking for the powerbomb, Inoue at first dead weighting to block it before backdropping his way free.  Stiff forearm to the jaw.  Candido ducks the clothesline and dumps Inoue with a belly to back.  Finally he gets Inoue up for the powerbomb, putting him down for the three and picking up his first televised victory in the tournament (he also defeated Gran Naniwa although we don’t have that one).

I’ve been impressed by what we’ve seen of Candido in New Japan.

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