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[2001-07-29-Saitama Pro] Survival Tobita vs Watermelon Head


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We join the footage with Tobita obliterating watermelons and completely oblivious to his onrushing opponent who breaks a watermelon over his head.  Watermelon Head has a look of Hallowicked about him with that mask.  Lots of throwing of watermelons lots of Tobita being bashed over the head with whatever object Head can find.  Tobita gets shoved into a fridge at one point.  I do wonder what the families must think when they look out of their windows and see what’s going on in the waste ground behind them.  Head chokes Tobita with some foliage and runs him over with a wheelbarrow.  After trying to shove watermelon down Tobita’s throat, Head slaps on an abdominal stretch, which is completely bizarre and out of place given what we’ve witnessed so far.  Head throws a couple of watermelons up in the air and tries to hit them at Tobita but misses both times (like he’s hitting a baseball).  He then disappears into the plants, attempting to camouflage himself from Tobita.  They briefly return to the tarpaulin that acts as the ring before going off on their travels again.  Hard chair shot by Head.  Tobita fires back with a headbutt as the two trade blows.  Head uses a watermelon like a bowling ball, rolling it into the laid out Tobita’s groin.  He throws a watermelon at Tobita, which is caught and thrown back at him.  This is bonkers even for a Tobita match!  Head throws watermelons at the fans and the cameraman.  Piledriver on the floor by Tobita for a near fall.  Head collects all remaining watermelons and gives Tobita a Michinoku Driver onto them.  Amazingly Tobita can’t kick out of the cover and Head picks up what has to be considered the upset win.

Bonkers, barmy, crazy and all sorts of weird.  But bloody entertaining!

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