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[2001-09-08-WWC-28th Anniversario] Konnan vs Barbarian


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Wow!  A WWC match not actually joined in progress, Konnan cutting a pre-match promo and running off his catchphrase.  He slides into the ring and the Barbarian is instantly on him, Barb showing some unexpected aggression.  K-Dawg reverses the Irish whip and the ring is just about big enough for him to execute his forward roll into a clothesline.  After a facebuster the Barbarian takes to the grass, pulling Konnan out with him.  They fight over to a staged area, Barbarian slamming K-Dawg on the wood.  He picks up what looks like the lid of a cooler, but Konnan dropkicks that into his face.  The make their way back to the ring where Barb slaps on a nerve hold.  Konnan fires off some elbows to escape only to run into a scoop powerslam.  A big boot and Barb steps to the outside again, this time to grab some title belt.  Konnan’s second tries to pull it away from him, but he ends up getting booted as the two play Tug of War over the strap.  Back inside Konnan dropkicks the belt into Barb’s face (so pretty much the exact same thing they did earlier on the stage) and then schoolboys him for the win.

Surprisingly not bad in patches and decent up until the nerve hold.  Like Konnan’s match with Fidel Sierra, this too had a WCW TV feel about it.

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