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[2001-10-14-BattlARTS-BattlARTS vs The World] Quinton Jackson vs Alexander Otsuka


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I thought this was going to be interesting, Rampage Jackson in a worked environment, however everything online indicates that this is a shoot and it’s counted in Rampage’s MMA won/loss record.  Rampage is wearing the red, white and blue shorts, like he’s Apollo Creed in Rocky IV.  Yup, this is being fought under Pride Rules, a ten-minute first round followed by, should they be needed, two five minute rounds. 

Rampage stuffs the initial takedown attempt.  Each throws knees from the clinch, Rampage eventually able to get the takedown.  He lands some blows from inside the guard but isn’t really doing much damage.  Jackson powerbombs his way out of the armbar and gestures for Otsuka to get back to his feet where he has the advantage.  Another takedown by him, however Otsuka ends up on top looking for a Kimura.  He gives up on that and is just lay on Rampage, not doing anything.  Rampage powers him off and unloads as the fight briefly comes to life.  They’re in the clinch against the ropes and it’s fairly dull with not much happening.  A stray knee catches Otsuka in the family jewels and Rampage is apologetic to the crowd, trying to explain to them it was an accident.  Touch of gloves on the restart.  Jackson catches a kick and drops Otsuka.  A big takedown by him.  Rampage controls top position, throwing some knees and elbows.  He’s in half guard and this could be ugly for Otsuka as he starts to rain down punches.  The bell ends the first with Rampage firmly in control

Round two opens and Rampage has seemed to have found his range.  Another big takedown but Otsuka is quickly to his feet.  Jeez, a second errant knee and Otsuka takes more time out to recover.  It looks like the ref gives Rampage an unofficial warning saying “no more”.  More clinch work with not much going on.  Eventually the ref steps into separate them and Otsuka starts swinging wildly, before we get yet another clinch.  Big slam awakens everyone, Otsuka getting dumped on his head.  Rampage throws a couple of knees and Otsuka’s wincing face tells it’s own story.  Rampage gets the mount and he’s busted Otsuka’s nose.  I was going to say that the bell saved Otsuka there, but the fight’s been stopped at the end of the round.

Overall a pretty dull fight with lots of time taken up with not a lot going on.  Things came to life at the end of the first after the initial low blow and again towards the end of the second following the big slam.  In all honesty though I think Otsuka was in over his head here.

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