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[2001-WWC] Abdullah the Butcher vs El Nene


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The action is joined in progress, although it looks to be from a different source than the majority of WWC that we have.  Abby is laid on the floor as we join, bleeding like a stuffed pig with Nene beating and choking him.  There are puddles of his blood on the floor and it’s pretty disgusting.  Two minutes in he finally gets up to his feet.  They brawl their way around ringside and as Abby starts to swing a baseball bat, someone, who I can only presume is Nene’s second, powders him.  That stops the Butcher, although only briefly, and it’s not too long before he’s back on top, whipping Nene with a chain.  Abby pulls out a fork, jabbing it into Nene’s forehead busting him open.  The Butcher’s second heads off to the dressing room, returning with a guitar.  That gets broken over Nene’s head and then what remains, over the referees.  With his opponent taken out of the game he makes a beeline for that second who powdered him earlier, jabbing and bloodying him with the fork.  Nene and his buddy have had enough, deciding to retreat to the back, Abby celebrating the moral victory by dancing away and playing a baseball bat like it’s a guitar!

Bloody and one of the better Abby efforts that I’ve watched in this project.

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