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[2001-WWC] Konnan vs Fidel Sierra


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Joined in progress and with Konnan in charge.  Not for long though as Sierra low blows him.  He locks on a crossface, although compare this to how Chris Benoit applies the same hold.  ‘The Crippler’s’ looks like it hurts a ton with the way he wrenches you back and the torque he applies, this one, with how they’re both practically lay flat out on the mat, doesn’t one bit.  Anyway, Konnan reaches the ropes for the break.  Sierra’s knife edge chops fire K-Dawg up and he switches positions with him to unload with some of his own.  He ducks to the outside to grab a flag to use but is met out there by his opponent.  Back inside, Sierra is too slow climbing the turnbuckles and gets grabbed and slammed to the mat.  Ref bump on a leapfrog spot.  Konnan locks in the Tequila Sunrise submission, however lets go of the hold when he sees Fantasy, Sierra’s valet, entering the ring.  Tequila Sunrise on Fantasy!  Sierra picks up Fantasy’s purse that she had dropped and clobbers Konnan in the head with it.  He makes the cover and picks up the three, the ref having missed all the shenanigans that led up to it.

The kind of match that wouldn’t have looked out of place on WCW TV in the mid-90s.  Only there is not a hope in hell’s chance Sierra would’ve got the win if it had have done!

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