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[2001-06-03-BJW] Zandig vs Jon Dahmer


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Held outdoors and judging by the background this looks to be the same venue as that crazy Zandig & Gage vs Matsunaga & Kasai Big Japan tag from August last year.  Zandig starts with some bad looking armdrags which seemed to surprise Dahmer who says “What the hell was that?”  I didn’t expect this to be a wrestling orientated match but it is at the moment.  Dahmer backdrops Zandig over the top to the outside, although he soon joins him, pulled to the floor.  They go on a lengthy walk and this looks preposterous, there’s no fight from Dahmer, he’s just walking next to Zandig.  Agh, they’re back at the CZW truck, Dahmer reversing the whip and sending Zandig flying into it.  I’ll give him the benefit that he was playing possum and it was some master plan on his part!  Dahmer grabs himself some light tubes which he breaks over Zandig’s head.  He shouts “U-S-A number one!” which I always think is a daft thing to do when you’re in there against a fellow countryman.  Zandig now with a reversal and Dahmer takes a trip into the truck.  He runs a table into Dahmer’s head and then positions it on the ground.  Fearless Zandig climbs to a pretty high balcony and jumps off, putting Dahmer, who is being held in place by Jun Kasai, through the table.  They take the lengthy walk back to the ring as the crowd chant “C-Z-Dub”.  Falcon Arrow for a near fall.  Discus lariat, although Zandig lifts Dahmer’s shoulders up at the count of two.  He’s passed some light tubes and sets Dahmer up for the Mutha F’N’ bomb, but takes off his shirt first, a clear sign that he’s taking the bump into the tubes.  Which he does.  Spinebuster by Dahmer onto the broken glass.  Zandig connects on a second Discus lariat and doesn’t even think about picking him up this time, getting the three and the win.

Going by the official time on screen this looks to have been slightly clipped, though I’m pretty certain we missed nothing and think where it was clipped was when Dahmer collected the light tubes after reversing the whip into the truck.

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