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[2001-06-14-X-LAW] Zandig vs Wifebeater (Light Tubes & Barbed Wire Boards Death Match)


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That is some gut on the chap refereeing this.  It looks like there are stipulations in place as there are light tubes on the apron and a barbed wire covered table at ringside.  They’re not hanging around or teasing much here, for after a few air shots with those light tubes, Wifebeater backdrops Zandig out onto the apron and breaks a light tube over him.  Zandig responds with a shot of his own, he then suplexes Beater from inside the ring dropping him through the barbed wire covered table.  Beater is already bleeding as Zandig digs some broken glass into his forehead.  Back inside Beater catches Zandig with a powerslam followed by a punch to the nuts.  Zandig avoids the middle rope fist drop and hits his discus lariat.  He rolls through on the superplex, holding on and front suplexing Beater across the top rope.  Guillotine legdrop.  With Beater draped over the edge of the apron Zandig places a chair over his face and drops another leg.  There is some masked Luchador seconding Zandig here and helping him out.  Sit-out press slam onto some light tubes.  Flying elbow drop that Beater kicks out of.  Zandig bridges yet more light tubes between a couple of chairs and sets Beater for another superplex when El Masko (not his name, I have no idea who he is) turns on him, blasting him with a light tube.  Choke-N-Stein from the middle through the contraption for a near fall.  Beater sets up a barbed wire board upright in the corner although ends up being powerbombed through it, after a somewhat of a struggle on Zandig’s part.  As Masko tries to interfere again, Zandig grabs a hold and presses him overhead.  Wide open, Beater swings a bunch of light tubes into his chest.  Masko falls on top, Beater grabs the legs, flips over and with two men covering him Zandig is unable to kick out.  The masked man does get some comeuppance, Zandig chasing after him to the back of the arena where he breaks a light tube over him.

Zandig worked hard here and I was surprised at how much of the match he took, and also that he kicked out of the middle rope Choke-N-Stein.  Decent offering and it didn’t feel as generic as I thought it might have going in.  Possibly a case of showing the Mexican crowd what they’re capable of and that they weren’t prepared to take things easy.

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