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[2001-06-25-BJW] Zandig vs Jun Kasai (Glass & Barbed Wire Board Death Match)


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Both a title belt and a bunch of bananas are hung from the ceiling underneath a ladder, barbed wire board and panes of glass in each corner of the ring.  They do a fair bit of wrestling at the beginning, which is rough, but different, Zandig even cart wheeling over a Kasai drop down.  Fuck, it even ends in a stand-off!  Enough of that malarkey as Kasai goes for a chair.  He takes the first bump into the barbed wire board, backdropped into it, after charging at Zandig who had just put on the breaks when he was whipped towards it.  Argh, this is clipped.  Kasai gets bodyslammed onto the board, however Zandig takes an age climbing the turnbuckles and talking to the fans and ends up hung upside down in the Tree of Woe.  A pane of glass is placed in front of him, which Kasai running dropkicks, the glass shattering and flying everywhere.  Implant DDT.  Zandig blocks the German and hits a double arm suplex.  Delayed superplex, Zandig rolling through, holding on and straight into a Falcon Arrow for a near fall.  Kasai positions a ladder in the centre of the ring and starts to climb.  This is even slower than Zandig earlier and naturally he gets caught and bombed to the mat.  Zandig bridges a barbed wire board between two chairs and then places a pane of glass a level above it, having used his bloodied forehead to draw cross on the glass.  Kasai counters a discus lariat with a DDT and starts celebrating, not realizing though that Zandig is right back up.  After taking Kasai’s head off with a clothesline, Zandig goes back to his furniture arranging, setting a table across the top turnbuckle in the corner.  He gives Kasai a shove up onto it and then back suplexes him through the glass and into the barbed wire.  Christ, Kasai’s back is a mess.  Both climb up either side of the ladder, Zandig grabbing the belt at the same time Kasai grabs the bananas.  I thought this was a draw, but according to cagematch Zandig came out on top.

No idea how I would have felt had I watched the full unedited version, but in clipped form I enjoyed this.

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